Elacra Baby Food Pouch 10-Pack 3.5-inch Wide Zipper. 100% BPA Free. Dual Zipper Closure

Product Description

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN! The 3.5-inch wide zipper opening and rounded corners of the food pouch let you fill food through the zipper easily and clean it with ease as no foods are trapped through the rounded corners.

100% SAFE FOR YOUR BABY! The food pouch is BPA Free, so you are assured that your baby won't have harmful chemicals in his or her food.

LEAKPROOF FOOD STORAGE! Its dual zipper closure ensures you can to take the baby food pouch anywhere you go - in school, on travel or even just around the house - because its double seal ensures no leaks.

SAVE MONEY! The pouch is reusable and recylable which ensures you can save money by not buying expensive and wasteful single-use food pouches. It also enables you to prepare unique flavors and nutritious snacks for your kids.

EXCELLENT! Made to help kids to be independent and develop good eating habits, the food pouch allows you to get your baby to eat fruits and veggies everyday, refrain from giving him unhealthy processed foods and control his sugar and artificial sweeteners' intake. 




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