Elacra Glass Meal Prep Containers with Locking Lids [6-Piece] - Leakproof Glass Food Storage Containers for Kitchen Organization and Storage - Microwave, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe Lunch Containers!

Product Description
  • 🌿GLASS FOOD CONTAINERS OFTEN CHIP & SHATTER EASILY, SHEDDING GLASS IN YOUR FOOD AND TURNING YOUR KITCHEN INTO A DANGER ZONE. Elacra Glass Food Storage Containers are made of DURABLE BOROSILICATE GLASS that won’t break or crack easily like tempered glass. Our high quality, heat-resistant glass keeps your food SAFE FROM MOLD AND OUTSIDE CHEMICALS, while our BPA FREE SNAP LIDS effectively ward off bacteria. SAFE FOR USE IN THE OVEN, MICROWAVE, FREEZER & DISHWASHER!
  • 🌿DON’T SETTLE FOR GLASS & PLASTIC STORAGE CONTAINERS THAT CLAIM TO BE LEAKPROOF BUT JUST END UP CAUSING A MESS. We designed our food prep containers with an AIR TIGHT LOCKING MECHANISM that allows you to store food, leftovers, snacks, pre-made meals, and EVEN SOUPS & LIQUIDS WITHOUT ANY SPILLS. Our leakproof lids keep your food FRESHER FOR LONGER, whether you’re storing leftovers in the fridge, meal prepping, or taking snacks to sports events or lunch to work or school.
  • 🌿MANY GLASS CONTAINERS WITH LIDS HAVE SNAP LIDS THAT ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO OPEN AND CLOSE, MAKING FOOD STORAGE FRUSTRATING. We designed our 4-SIDED LOCKING LIDS to make opening and closing our airtight containers a snap, with a GRIP THAT’S STRONG YET MANAGEABLE. Easy to use even for children and seniors! Jump over to our Elacra storefront to add our baby food glass storage containers to your kitchen set for TOP QUALITY KITCHEN ACCESSORIES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.
  • 🌿STACKABLE CONTAINERS THAT KEEP YOUR FRIDGE NEAT & ORGANIZED AND MAKE MEAL PREP A BREEZE! Our 6-piece glass container set includes 5 sizes for more food storage & portion control options: 3 RECTANGULAR (1 large + 2 small) and 3 SQUARE (1 large + 1 medium + 1 small), plus 6 COLOR-COORDINATED LOCKING LIDS. Our durable glass containers are designed for EASY PORTABILITY, to go right from fridge to lunch box, picnic basket, purse or travel bag. Makes a great bento box, too!
  • 🌿WE’RE DEDICATED TO CREATING THE HEALTHIEST & HIGHEST QUALITY CHEMICAL-FREE FOOD STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR FAMILY. We’ve made it our mission to make food preparation and kitchen storage SIMPLER AND LESS STRESSFUL.That’s why we offer FREE RETURNS. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your freezer containers & bento boxes for adults, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY for REFUND or REPLACEMENT – your happiness is our goal.
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